Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ArT Vs. FasHIoN ends with a tie and an amazing show!!



Milan fashion week portrays not just fashion but art in the most creative unique form. Although fashion itself can catch any eye, its the many different ways it makes a lasting impression, and Milan fashion week does just that! These artistic aesthetics are portrayed through tailored, symmetrical, colorful designs. I also saw many different fabrics used to create a sense of abstract art.

*02/16/2008 - Model - Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2008-09 - Gaetano Navarra - Runway - Milan - Milan, Italy © Insidefoto / PR Photos

I love it because you see fashion week in a new way. There were many of the same ideas but with different qualities giving the designs a new twist and something I've never seen before. Although there were some orthodox colors, the designs were extraordinary and really blew me away. You would see a black dress, but it wasn't just a black dress, it had twist and turns and its own life story.

One of the designers that caught my eye were Gaetano Navarra, he made shapes without making the model look too bulky. With one of his designs the model has on this incredible dress, with this tall ruffled collar, which all lays under a fully face covering hat. All of his designs were so bold and artistic. When you think art, you think colors but Gaetano Navarra used a different method.

Friday, October 3, 2008