Monday, November 17, 2008

Elyse Mullis

The guest speaker we had Friday was very insightful... in an interesting way. She informed us and kept me in tune with everything she said. I thought it was very cool that she was a recent graduate, that tells me that things can happen and I'm here at uncg for a reason. When she began and stated that she worked at a quilting company, I thought "Okkk...she's here to talk about quilting fabrics and she sound so happy about it....WHY?" As she further explained her job I thought it was very cool. I like the way the fabric is made and how the ideas come about,they wern't the old fabrics you see at the end of your grandmothers bed. I also was interested in the idea that you can use the fabric not only for quilts but many other objects, like the purse she brought....So CuTe!!! What appealed to me was even more was the fact that Mullis was an English major and her job accelerated in fashion...which was in the basket of her minor....consumer retail studies.... very inspirational guest speaker!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Do you agree with sweatshops?

A sweatshop is a job where people are worked under dangerous conditions and are treated unfairly. They have been around for quite sometime. People seem to have lose track of this situation. I didn't know they still existed until we discussed it in class.

For some reason I can't put my hands on the reason why it's still a big deal. Under certain circumstances many jobs offer these uncomfortable situations but is a paart of life it's a job. If you need money it's what you have to do. Some young women in our society turn to stripping ad a job for quick money to provide for college or their children, they work under unpleasant circumstances... No they don't have to, but people that work in sweatshops also don't have to work under those conditions.
There are many jobs that older people work at, where they get paid minium wage, that work under harsh conditions but how else will they support themselves.

So in my opinion sweatshops are apart of life... it's job to provide what you can to your way of life.